Using Synonyms

Automate the creation of synonyms for both words and sentences in your connections.


The Open Multilingual Wordnet and its components are integrated into the backend of our servers. The synonym project development on the algorithmic side includes the default dictionaries for 34 languages and integration of the extended unofficial dictionary. For the languages where support for that information exists, we have also added a conversion of the words to a default form (singular vs plural, etc.) in order to make the search more effective.

To make your chatbot more effective in its conversational skills, you’ll want to make it responsive to a wide range of inputs from the user. In human conversation, there are always several ways of saying the same thing, alternate words and phrases that we use to communicate the same ideas to each other.

To take into account all these different alternatives in your chatbot construction might be a laborious process, but we’ve made it easier for you by automating the creation of synonyms for both words and sentences.

In order to add synonyms for your keywords when creating a connection you need to select a language, select types of scanning and press Generate. The list of found words will appear in the Found column.

Next, select the words you want to add - they will move to the Selected column.
You can add your own custom words, as well. Click Save to proceed:


A new synonym pack will appear in the connection settings:




To enable or disable the Synonym finder go to Configure-> Bot settings and select an option in the ‘Synonyms search for connections’ section (Enabled, Ask me every time, Disabled).

Watch this tutorial to learn more about ''Using synonyms on SnatchBots chatbot platform''

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