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Message counting

All Pro plan tiers are depending on the message limit available per each tier.
You can reference how all text messages and elements, such as cards and text-to-speech audio files are counted as described in thiтes containing cards and audio files are counted as several messages.

How does the message counting work?

When a user types a message or a bot sends one, this is an exchange that will reduce your total by one. Whether you’ve added cards, galleries, RSS feeds, etc. into the interaction, it is still only considered to be one message exchanged.

Note, however, that if the chatbot's message is broken into several bubbles or has a delayed response, a new text counts as a new message. The same is true for the TTS feature: messages will be counted for every single bubble in the bot message.

The cost of the Pro Plan varies according to the number of messages a chatbot sends and receives every month. The tariff starts at $30 a month for 10,000 messages exchanged and then rises as follows: $75 a month for 25k; $149 for 50k; $199 for 75k; $249 for 100k; $449 for 250k; $749 for 500k and $999 for 1M.

Message elements

The rules below apply to bot messages (all types of interactions including JSON API), broadcasts and messages sent by bot admin from SnatchBot Inbox.



Text (bot message or user message)


Text ::next:: text


Error message


Text + text-to-speech audio track


Text + embedded media (tags IMG, VIDEO, AUDIO, URL)


Text-to-speech audio track (track only, without text message)


Text + Quick Replies


Text + 1 card (gallery, RSS, image card, text card)


Text + 2 cards + 1 gallery


Speech-to-text user response (recognized)


Speech-to-text user response (recognition error)



SMS channels

In SMS channels only image cards are counted as messages, other types are not supported and not displayed.


Regular text message or a broadcast (from user or from bot) is counted as 1 message.

Regular bot message or a broadcast with Quick Replies is counted as 1.

Error message in Extraction type interactions of a unrecognized speech-to-text message is counted 1.

Text message with embedded images, videos or audios using tags like [IMG] are counted as 1.

All parts of the messages divided with ::next:: (delayed or instant) will be counted separately. In this example, this interaction will be counted as 2 messages.

Interaction with a single gallery with be counted as 2.

This message is counted as 3 as it is divided into 3 parts.

Example of speech recognition error (counted as 2 messages). Speech-to-text is available in Webchat, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line.

Text message + text-to-speech audio track + Image card will be counted as 3 messages.

Text message, delayed response, text-to-speech audio track with text contents displayed will be counted as 4 messages.

Text message + text-to-speech audio track only and quick replies will be counted as 1 message.

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Message counting

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