Creating a Line bot is easy.

SnatchBot gives users the possibility to create and configure a chatbot for multiple channels. You can add the same bot to as many channels as are available. Here, we explain how to connect a bot to LINE.

First, create your bot first (you can use an existing bot as well):

After this is done, go to the bot’s settings and open the Channels section (the second option in the blue, left hand column). On the right panel, you will see a ‘Line Messenger’ channel:

Click the ‘Plus’ button to publish and deploy the channel.

To get started, you will need to create a LINE Account first. Once you have created a normal LINE account and registered your email and password, please log in to the LINE Developers console with the email address and password you already have:

Register as a developer (only on the first login) to proceed. To do this, specify your name and email address and accept the LINE Developers Agreement:

The next step is to create a new provider:

The provider is the entity (individual or company) that offers your chatbot (as an app). You can put your own name or company’s name here, and then confirm it:

After the provider has been created, you will need to create a channel. Select Messaging API to proceed:

In the open form, enter information for the Messaging API. You can specify your app name, icon and app description here:

In this step, you can also select the plan that you would like to use. Please note, that only with a Developer Trial you will be able to push messages. Using a free account, you will not be able to push messages. You can upgrade your Developer Trial by buying a premium ID:

Do not forget to specify the Category and Subcategory of the channel as well as the email address to which important notifications are sent:

After you confirm the creation of the channel and accept all the Terms of Use, click the channel’s tile and navigate to the ‘Messaging settings’ section:

In the ‘Channel access token (long-lived)’ menu, click the ‘Issue’ button, and then select 0 hours from the drop-down menu and confirm the form. Enable using the Webhooks option and paste the following URL in the ‘Webhook URL’ field:

To finish the process, disable the ‘Auto-reply messages’ and ‘Greeting messages’ options in the ‘Using LINE@ features’ section:

Copy the Channel access token (long-lived) and Channel secret values and paste them in the appropriate fields to get everything ready:

Please use the QR code you are given to add your bot to a contact list and to share your bot with other users:

You are now all set to send or receive the first message from your Bot (using either a mobile application or a desktop version):


Creating a Line bot is easy.

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