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Here is a table where you can find records about every single message sent and received in your account.



  • The statistics on the Reports page consider only the bots you have created, not including shared bots.
  • Messages from Test chat are not included.
  • In the Reports section STT messages are displayed as text messages.

The record contains the following data:

  • Message id number
  • Channel
  • Interaction type
  • Bot id number
  • Bot name
  • User id number
  • Direction (from bot / to bot)
  • Message
  • Archivation status
  • Time and date when the message was sent

You can apply various filters to search for records:

  • Bot
  • Channels
  • Interaction type (if you set this filter, the results will display only "From bot" messages matching the selected interaction type).
    N/A filter refers to messages sent from a bot by broadcasts and from a bot owner using the Inbox section.



The Sentiment filter is visible only for those users who have bots with such interactions. This is an old functionality, which is not available anymore.

  • Direction
  • Extracted Data (Email, Url, Phone, Date, Number, Address, Duration, Extracted Data, Variables, Attributes)
  • Time Period
  • Include Archived Messages - - messages from archived conversations (Inbox) are taken into consideration.
  • Highlight Extracted Data - upon ticking the checkbox, attributes, custom variables, response text, and extracted data will be highlighted in the table.

To refresh the reports with these filters in place press the “Apply” button



There is a message counter in the lower left corner. The “?” tooltip shows the number of text messages, the number of voice messages and the number of mixed messages.

You can export a report in XLS or JSON format. You can generate only one report per time.
On clicking the Export XLS button, the report will begin to download in the xls format.

Also, you get an email message with a link to the report:


Reports and collaboration feature

The statistics on the Reports page considers both yours and shared to you bots.

Calculation mode history

You can see the history of changes of the Calculation mode option (Channels->Webchat->Get Embed Code). Click the icon, which is at the top right corner of the page:

The ‘Calculation mode history’ window will open. Select a bot and you will see the history in the window:

Watch this video tutorial "Reports"

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Next Steps

Add Quick Replies, Buttons and a Persistent Menu to the conversation.



Here is a table where you can find records about every single message sent and received in your account.

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