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Connecting Channels

Connect your bot to your desired channel or channels.

By channels, we mean the various platforms that allow people to communicate across the globe, including websites, email, SMS exchanges, messaging apps, etc.
One of the great features of SnatchBot's service is that from the outset we were determined that our chatbots should be omnichannel. You only have to build a chatbot and it is easily made live on all the different channels.


There are currently 12 channels available (we consistently add more over time), each of which has its own method of connection.
Use the toggle to activate/deactivate a channel.

SnatchApp and Web Chat are pre-configured for you. You can start to use it right after you have created a bot. Also, you can easily embed a webchat on your website or another service.

To launch the Webchat, turn on the toggle and press Chat in the Channels section:

You have to press "Get started" every time you start a conversation on WebChat. You will see the greeting message above the "Get started" button if you have enabled this option in the Customize settings:

The greeting message appears as the first message in the chat, as well:

Webchat has a feature that allows you to switch channels, providing you with the possibility of continuing your conversation on another channel from the same place you stopped at. To switch channels use the button in the header of the webchat.

There are 3 tabs here: About, Customize, and Get Embed Code:

  • In the first tab you can enter custom data

The user can find these in the chat in the right bottom corner of the Webchat:

  • In the second tab you can customize the appearance of the webchat, such as the color of messages and theme style. Overall information on how to customize the look of the chatbot is available in the following guide.

  • In the third tab the following options are available:

  1. Embed the Bot widget on your site.
  2. Frame the webchat URL anywhere you like.
    You can open the Webchat from this clause or simply copy the link to the clipboard:
  1. Customize chat widget button with CSS.
  2. Customize chat window with CSS.

You can set up tracking the data, which are sent from the WebChat.

You can choose whether SnatchBot or Google Analytics to track the data:

* I allow SnatchBot to track bot icon clicks
If you select the first option, then all the data will be stored on the SnatchBot platform.
* I want to use my Google Analytics code to track the bot
To use Google Analytics you need to specify your ID in the field below.


This feature is available only for Pro bots.


Some restrictions:

  1. Facebook attributes are not available for WebChat
  2. Users can not subscribe/unsubscribe to the RSS feed, also the “Share” button is not available

Regarding other channels, it is very easy to assign a bot to them and we are adding new ones all the time.

To connect your bot to your desired channel(s), open your bot editor and click Channels:

Choose the channel you wish to connect to and click Add.

Each channel has its own way of registering bots, but we've made the process straightforward. Follow the steps below and your bot will be connected in no time.



When you click on the links we have provided, you'll be taken to the relevant channel websites to put in your name, login, etc. Basically, what you are doing is registering with them and getting a set of OAuth keys that SnatchBot can use on your behalf.

Once you are done, try sending yourself a message through your channel (e.g. Facebook Messenger) and you’ll see how powerful a tool this is!

Watch this video tutorial "Connecting Channels"

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Connecting Channels

Connect your bot to your desired channel or channels.

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