Collaboration indicators

Shared models tab

The users, who are editing the model at the moment, are presented as bars showing the initials. Such bars appears next to the Shared icon when a collaborator has opened the ‘Edit model’ window and next to the samples counter when a collaborator is on the ‘Samples’ page:


When you hover over the indicator you will see the full name of the collaborator:


When one of the collaborators deletes or adds a sample, the users can see the sample counter change in real time (on the NLP or Samples pages). The statuses of the models are updated in real time, as well:


Samples page

When the collaborative editing is in process on the “Samples” page all the changes are reflected in real time. If 2 or more users are on the same page, all the changes are happening on-the-fly with the interface refreshing double-sidedly.

At the same time in the top right corner of the page you can see the icons of the collaborators who are on the “Samples” page at the moment:


Build -> Connections

All changes made in the NLP connections are displayed in real time for all collaborators.

  1. If the bot owner adds a new NLP connection and uses a new model, which wasn’t used in the bot before, then this model becomes available for all the collaborators and instantly appears in their ‘Shared models’ tabs.
  2. If an administrator has no NLP access to an NLP model, then when he/she hovers over an NLP connection (where the model is used), the following tooltip will appear: ‘You cannot edit this NLP connection because you don't have access to the selected NLP model’.
  3. If the model was shared though the Configure -> Teammates tab and if the bot owner deletes the last NLP connection where the shared model is used, then this model becomes unavailable for all the collaborators and instantly disappears from their “Shared models” tabs. Also, the bot owner gets the following confirmation window:

The window won’t appear if an administrator deletes the NLP connection.


The model won’t disappear, if it was shared separately from a bot (through the NLP area).

Configure -> Teammates tab

In this tab the bot owner can see which administrators have NLP access.
Also, there is functionality that allows the bot owner to grant or revoke NLP access to another collaborators:


When the bot owner changes the NLP access for an administrator:

  1. When the bot owner grants NLP access, then the NLP models (if there are any) instantly appear in the administrator’s Shared models tab. Also, an administrator instantly gets the ability to create NLP connections, using the new models.
  2. When the bot owner revokes NLP access:
    a. if the administrator is in the NLP area, then the models instantly disappear from the Shared models tab and the following notification appears in the administrator’s interface:

b. If an administrator is on the Samples page of a model, then he/she is redirected to the NLP page and the following notification appears: “You have lost access to NLP features for [bot_name]”.
c. If an administrator has opened the Edit model window of a model, then the window is automatically closed and the following notification appears: “You have lost access to NLP features for [bot_name]”.
d. If an administrator is in the Connections tab of the bot Build section, then the “Add NLP Connection” button instantly becomes inactive.
3. If you share a bot without NPL access (“With NLP model edit access” is not checked), then an administrator can remove NLP connections, but can not create new ones.
However, it is possible to create an NLP connection, using the models that were shared independently from a bot.

All the changes are happening in real time for administrators.


NLP access won’t be revoked and the models won’t disappear, if it was shared separately from a bot (through the NLP area).

Revoke access to the bot

Bot owner can revoke access to the bot, which has NLP connections associated with a certain NLP model. If the bot was shared with NLP access, then:

  1. The entry disappears from the bot owner's "NLP Teammates" tab
  2. The model disappears from the bot administrator’s “Shared models” tab.
  3. Bot administrator gets the following notification in the interface:


The model won’t disappear, if it was shared separately from a bot.

When a bot owner deletes a shared model:

  1. The model disappears from the bot owner's "NLP Teammates" tab;
  2. The model disappears from the Shared models tab of all the bot administrators (including those who received a model separately from a bot).

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