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How to send a Broadcast

Using your chatbot to stay in touch with your audience: How to broadcast

One of the most useful features of our chatbots is a very versatile broadcast system. Many people will want to use a chatbot to grow their audience and sustain a lively engagement with users. There are plenty of examples that show chatbots to be really effective at growing your audience. Chatbots have two immense advantages compared to sending out a mass email: they give a more positive, interactive experience for the recipient than does a group email and the message won't be blocked by spam filters.

It’s up to you to provide great content, but it’s up to us to get that content to the right people and here’s how.

Assuming you’ve built your chatbot and have a new message to broadcast, you open the broadcast page.

First, you’ll see our note to remind you to make sure you are aware of the broadcasting policy of your channel. Facebook, Skype and Slack, for example, require you to have agreement from your audience that they are willing to receive broadcast notifications.


For a template bot that shows you how to allow users to opt-in for broadcast messages click here.

Next, chose the bot you want to engage users with from the first drop-down menu. Then open the Choose your Recipients menu. Here, there are a powerful range of tools for you to use if you need them.

You can filter the list of all those who have interacted with your chatbot in a number of different ways, such as by channel (Facebook, Slack, etc.) or by a date range. Perhaps best of all, you can filter by subscription. So it’s easy to make sure you are compliant with the requirements of companies and governments as well as make sure you are sending the invitation to chat to someone who really is interested.

After filtering your recipients, click APPLY.

Now compose your message. Here, you have the option to insert media, such as images and videos, as well as an RSS feed, which might be, for example, updating the user with financial information.

Here too, you can choose where the bot’s conversation will begin.

This feature means the recipient jumps right in on the topic that interests them.

For example. Your message might be about an exciting, new offer aimed at customers from the previous six months. It would, therefore, end with the question: ''would you like to learn more about this offer'' You select as your start interaction the answer ''yes'', which will avoid the need for the user to work through the conversation from the start.

If you want to save your message in order to use it again, you can make it a template. Just click SAVE and enter a name for it.

You are nearly done. Just choose the last option whether to send the message now or schedule it for release on a later date. You can automate the schedule so that your chatbot will broadcast the message every day, week, month or at any interval you define and at any hour.

Run on execution now SEND NOW, or on a Scheduled schedule, or Save in draft. The bottom of the Broadcast window will contain all the tasks: saved in draft, ready for sending at the appointed time:

See below an example of how notifications of messages are received via FB messenger:

See below an example of how messages are received in FB messenger:

It's a whole new dimension for one-to-many communications, immensely valuable in certain circumstances, yet free for you here at SnatchBot Enjoy!


To check you have set everything up correctly, we recommend sending the message to yourself before broadcasting it widely. It is very easy to do so. Just go back to ‘Choose your Recipients’ and make sure everyone is deselected apart from yourself. Hit send, then go to the platform you are broadcasting to and open the message you will have just received. If the chatbot functions as planned, you are ready to broadcast to others.

See the Video to view the Broadcast tutorial option.

How to send a Broadcast

Using your chatbot to stay in touch with your audience: How to broadcast

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