Making your Chatbot Public

Chatbots are a new way for your customers to interact with your business. Publish your Bot on the SnatchBot Directory!

It is a good idea to have your bot listed on the SnatchBot platform. If you make it public on our Bot Directory then it can be found by internet searches and users can engage with your bot on a variety of platforms chosen by you.

How to make a bot public?

  1. Click on Configure.
  2. Select Bot Store.
  3. Check the Make Public box.

The list of categories will appear:
4. Select categories.


If you provide Facebook and Twitter links, those will appear as clickable icons on your chatbot listing in the directory.

Where can I find my bot?
If your bot is active on these channels, the link will allow users to immediately interact with the bot having clicked the relevant icon on your Bot Directory profile. If not, clicking on the icons will mean users can jump to your profile on these platforms.


Now your chatbot is not only working to its design, it’s also bringing you traffic in a user-friendly way.

Watch this video tutorial ''Making your Chatbot Public''

Next Steps

Customizing the look of your chatbot A guide to customising the bot's appearance, to match a brand colour scheme.