HubSpot Plugin

HubSpot Integration plugin is an easy way to connect a chatbot with your HubSpot database.

Besides this guide, we have also prepared a video tutorial that can be found on this link:

Step 1. Add the plugin to your chatbot

In the "Build" section click "Add new interaction / plugin":


In the pop-up window, choose the "Plugins" tab:


Find the HubSpot Integration plugin and click the "Add" button:


Step 2. Get HubSpot API-key

Go to and log in to your account.
Click the cogwheel icon in the upper-right corner of the screen:


Find and click "Integrations" in the big menu on the left and then "API Key" in a submenu:


Click "Create Key" button;


Click "Copy" button to copy the key to the clipboard:


Step 3. Configure HubSpot plugin on SnatchBot

Now go back to the SnatchBot Build section.
Find and click on the "Type of Inquiry" interaction (first one in the plugin).

In the [customVar hapikey=a1234567-987456-d123-4e9876543] formula, replace the default key (a1234567-987456-d123-4e9876543) with the key you copied from HubSpot.


Now, when your customer reaches the plugin and answer all of its questions the new entry will appear in your HubSpot account: