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URL Extraction

Identifies and collects a valid URL from the input of a user.

URL Extraction interaction has been developed for a quick fetching of the URL addresses from the users’ responses.

To create this interaction, click 'Add new interaction/plugin' link from the bottom left of the screen and then select ‘URL Extraction’ interaction type. After that, specify the interaction name, e.g. ‘URL’. Click the 'Add' button to add the item to the bot’s structure:

For a better user experience, select ‘Highlight Extracted data in chat’ checkbox:

After that, you should specify Bot’s message along with an error response:


Valid formats for URL extraction: X.XX

When testing your bot, you can see that a valid URL will be highlighted or an error response will be sent to a user if the bot receives an invalid format of the URL address:

If needed, you can connect URL Extraction interaction to the other types of the interactions. For example, to the Bot Statement to thank the user for giving the information. Additionally, if no conditions are met, bot can go to another interaction:

Watch this video tutorial ''Obtaining a URL from your user'

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Next Steps

Identifies and collects a valid phone number from the input of a user.

Phone Extraction

URL Extraction

Identifies and collects a valid URL from the input of a user.

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