Creating a bot for Slack is easy.

Slack brings the team and their conversations together in one place. Slack integrates with a lot of apps you use every day. Snatchbot gives users the possibility to create and configure a bot for communication with the team members in a separate chat.

To start with, please first create your bot (you can use an existing bot as well):

After this is done, go to the bot’s settings and open the Channels section. In the next panel, you will see the ‘Slack’ channel:


Click the ‘Deploy’ button to publish and deploy the channel.


To proceed, you will need to create a new Slack account or log in with the existing one ( When logged in, click the ‘Plus’ button in the Channels section to add a separate channel for the bot.

After that, click the ‘Deploy to Slack’ button and select the channel where the bot will post messages:


To finish the preparations, go back to the workplace, and in the Apps section select ‘snatchbot’ followed by ‘@snatchbot’. After that, click the ‘Add this app to a channel’ link and choose the previously created bot’s channel:


We are done, the bot is ready to use:


When you want to disable it on the page, edit or delete, please use the actions next to the channel’s title.


Some restrictions:

  1. Facebook attributes are not available for Slack
  2. Persistent Menu is not available for Slack.
  3. Slack limits the number of Quick Replies to five. Additional Quick Replies won't be shown.
  4. The following plugins are not available for Line: Calendar, eBay, Jira, Giphy.
  5. The STT feature is not available for Slack.
  6. Cards and buttons: the maximum length of the “Description” field is 640 chars.
  7. Gallery: each gallery element must contain a picture in order to be shown correctly in Slack chat.
  8. The URL field is not available for Slack.

Watch this video tutorial "Connecting to the Slack platform"

Next Steps

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