Changes to Pro Plan Pricing since May 15th, 2023



Starting on May 15th, 2023, we are introducing changes to our Pro Plan for the first time since its launch several years ago.

Main changes:

  • Free usage of the platform will be limited to 2000 messages per account. This limit is one-time and will not be reset every month.
  • New set of Plans and included features described in details below.
  • Existing Pro plan subscribers will keep their prices until August 15th, 2023 if they keep using the same plan tier.
  • Existing Yearly plan subscribers will retain their prices for the duration of the subscription, unless it ends prior to August 15th, 2023.
  • Completely new Free trial of all Pro features, now including all options instead of just Maps and Translations.

Free message limit


Once you sign up, you have 2000 messages and 2 weeks of free Pro Plan Trial on your account to try the service.

Trial includes all Pro features, except for collaboration, bot ownership transfer and export/import, and lasts for 2 weeks or 2000 messages, whichever ends first.

This free limit is distributed between all bots on your account and does not include test chat messages, only real channel interactions. This means that you can spend all messages on one bot connected to Facebook, or several bots connected to several different channels. Test chat will always remain free for testing.

Free accounts have access to:

  • Test chat
  • WhatsApp Demo
  • All channels, except for WhatsApp and Zendesk
  • All plugins, excluding Pro plugins
  • Inbox, excluding option to invite team members
  • NLP
  • Activity logs
  • Reports
  • Access to Community Hub

Once 2000 messages are spent, further channel communication will be available only to bots with active Pro subscriptions.

This limitation includes:

  • Communitcation in all channels, except for Test chat
  • RSS-subscriptions
  • Broadcasts, both scheduled and one-time
  • All bots will respond "The Bot is currently not available, to continue Upgrade to Pro"

New plans and migration from the old plans

All plans will be migrated corresponding to the table below:

Current planNew planOptions
$30 - 10k messagesStarter
$99 - 10k messages
Year: $948
✅ All channels, besides WhatsApp and Zendesk
✅ All plugins
✅ Inbox, besides the option to invite a collaborator
✅ Maps API
✅ Translation API
✅ Advanced Stats
✅ Help Center
✅ Import/Export of bots
✅ Start screen option in Webchat
✅ Google Sheets automation
✅ Webchat branding removal
✅ Bot Directory publication
$75 - 25k messagesTeam
$199 - 25k messages
Year: $1899
All functions from Starter, plus:
✅ WhatsApp, Zendesk channels
✅ Invite teammates
✅ Invite teammates to manage only Inbox
$149 - 50k messages
$199 - 75k messages
$449 - 75k messages
All functions from Starter and Team, plus:
✅ Personal Onboarding
✅ Security assistance
✅ Dedicated account manager
$249 - 100k messages
$449 - 250k messages
$749 - 500k messages
$999 - 1M messages
Pricing and conditions are discussed individually for your business
All functions from Starter, Team, and Business, plus:
✅ Custom integrations
✅ Custom building services
✅ Chatbot maintenance

Free Trial

Free Trial gives you 2,000 free messages for 14 days. The trial applies to all Pro Plan features.

How to activate Free Trial?

Trial is activated at sign up automatically and lasts for 14 days or 2000 messages limit, whichever ends first.


The trial period can be activated only once in a SnatchBot account.

If you have registered previously, but haven't used the Trial, you can contact us to get it activated once.

Messages are deducted only when your bot is contacted in channels - Test chat messages are not counted.


The free Trial does not include several functions that the regular Pro Plan provides:

  • Bot Ownership Transfer - part of the Collaboration feature.
  • Import/Export of the entire bot
  • WhatsApp channel
  • Bot Directory publication