Activity Logs

In this section, you can track the list of actions undertaken by owners and admins in the SnatchBot Platform.

The SnatchBot system tracks all changes made to bots and stores them in the database. This feature is especially useful when several users edit a bot, using the Collaboration feature.


On this page, you can see the list of actions undertaken by owners and admins in the following sections of the Platform:

Actions are displayed in chronological order.

If the value of the element is changed, then the action will be updated in the table.

You can quickly and easily find the particular changes made to a bot:

  • the section of the interface where changes were made
  • the element where changes were made (Bot Statement, Bot name, Custom attribute, Fallback, etc.)
  • type of action (copy, delete, deploy, update etc.)
  • the name and role of the person who made these changes
  • the time and date when the changes were made.

We provide a wide range of filters to make the search process as fast as possible.
Display removed bots - shows entries related to the removed bots.
Export - saves the result of your search as an xls file

Watch this video tutorial ''Activity Logs'

Next Steps

Advanced Analytics allows you to view and parse different statistics about users, channels and bots.