Here you can see your payment history as well as manage your subscriptions and top-up payments.

On the left-hand menu next to the "Balance" tab you can see the bubble with the amount of money available in your balance.


In order to see further details click on the "Balance" button that redirects you to the “Balance history” tab in your Profile. In this tab you can see your Current balance, the Next payment date, the total amount of money available for Monthly subscriptions and check your payment and subscription history.

In addition, you can submit a payment by clicking Make payment in order to add funds to your SnantchBot account. To do so, enter an amount in the pop-up window (30-5000$) and select a payment method. You will be taken to the payment system, where you have to make a transaction. Then, your money will get to your SnatchBot account and you can use it to purchase Pro Plans.


There are two further tabs:

1. Payment history

This tab contains the log of your payments from a credit card (or PayPal) to SnatchBot. Each record contains a Payment date, the Amount of money and Status (Awaiting verification, Completed, Suspended, Refunded). You can also view payment details or generate a PDF file.


PDF file with payment details:


The Balance info window:


2. Subscription and Renewals

Here is the list of transactions inside your account (subscription and renewals). Each record contains Transaction Date, Bot ID, Bot Name, Plan (price), Message Limit and Transaction Type:


Possible transaction types are: New subscription, Renewal, Autoupgrade.


If you delete a bot, in the “Bot name” column will be the “Deleted” word instead of a bot name.

You can generate a PDF file with transaction details:


Watch this video tutorial "Balance"

Next Steps

Snatchbot platform notifies you on various events that have occurred within your account.