Search interaction

This interaction allows users to search in Google or Bing from within the bot. This interaction uses Microsoft Bing API and Google Search API.

This type of interaction allows users to use a bot as a searching service.

How to add interaction

  1. Click Add new interaction/plugin
  2. Select Collect URL
  3. Specify the interaction name, e.g. ‘Search interaction’
  4. (Optional) Tick Highlight Extracted data in chat for a better user experience
  5. Click the Add button to add the interaction to the bot’s structure:

How to configure Search interaction

Bot Message tab
To start working with the interaction, initially you need to specify the Bot’s message as well as the text of the Error response (required field).

Search tab
You should specify searching settings in this tab.
Since this kind of interaction uses the Google or Bing API you need to obtain an API key.

There are 3 ways to set up the interaction:

  • You can enter your own API key;
  • Upgrade your bot to PRO-Plan;
  • Start a free trial period.

1. Using your own API key
You can enter your own API key from the search provider. To obtain the key follow the instructions on the Search tab and set up the interaction.


When using the Collaboration feature, keys are hidden for bot administrators. Only the chatbot owner can see the keys. Bot administrators can set the number of results displayed.

2. Pro Plan subscription
Pro bots can utilize the Search interactions without the need to input an API key. For Pro bots, it is the SnatchBot system that pays for search requests.

3. Free Trial
You can activate a free trial for 14 days. Learn more about Free Trial.



  • The TTS feature is not applicable to the results of the Search interaction.
  • The Search interaction is not available for Twilio.

Watch this video tutorial ''How to use the Search Interaction feature''

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