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Python Code

Is it possible to implement this code to my bot? # coding: utf-8 #!/usr/bin/env python # # Based on # Author: Kirill Vasin import logging from time import time from collections import deque logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) class SpamFilter: def __init__(self): self.limits = {1:3, 5:7, 10:10} # max: 3 updates in 1 second, 7 updates in 5 seconds, 10 updates in 10 seconds self.timeout_start = 10 self.severity = 2 self.timeouts = {} self.times = {} self.violations = {} def new_message(self, chat_id): update_time = time() if chat_id not in self.timeouts: self.timeouts.update({chat_id: 0}) self.times.update({chat_id : deque(maxlen=10)}) self.violations.update({chat_id: 0}) else: if self.timeouts[chat_id] > update_time: return 1 for limit in self.limits: amount = 1 for upd_time in self.times[chat_id]: if update_time - upd_time < limit: amount += 1 else: break if amount > self.limits[limit]: delta = int(self.timeout_start * self.severity ** self.violations[chat_id]) self.timeouts[chat_id] = update_time + delta self.violations[chat_id] += 1 logger.warning("User %s is sending too many requests, broke %s limit", chat_id, limit) return "Too many requests. Operations will be availiable in {0}".format(delta) self.times[chat_id].appendleft(update_time) return False def wrapper(self, func): # only works on functions, not on instancemethods # Only works for messages (+Commands) and callback_queries (Inline Buttons) def func_wrapper(bot, update): if update.callback_query: chat_id = elif update.message: chat_id = update.message.chat_id timeout = self.new_message(chat_id) if not timeout: return func(bot, update) # return is required by ConversationHandler elif timeout != 1: bot.sendMessage(chat_id=chat_id, text=timeout) return func_wrapper blocker = SpamFilter() # @blocker.wrapper # def start(bot, update): # Thank you

Posted by Wolfy about a year ago