Pro plan activation

Good morning, we would like to activate the pro plan for a chatbot that will be used on the whatsapp channel. In the "PRICING" section of your site there is the price for the annual subscription, but we can't find this payment method when I try to upgrade to PRO for the bot. I would also like to know if the number of messages for the plan we have chosen (25,000) is monthly or yearly. After having clarified these aspects we will proceed with the order and we will need the invoice Thanks in advance Greetings Marco Bondini

Customer phone number

We are building a chatbot that will be used on the Whatsapp channel to give customers the opportunity to independently download confidential documents. We therefore need to manage customer authentication. So I would like to know if it is possible to automatically extract the phone number of the customer who is chatting to insert it into a variable or an attribute. Thank you in advance Regards Marco Bondini

programming language

Witch is the programming language used to develop Snatchbot?

Invoke a 3rd Party API Method

Hello. I am implementing a FAQ Bot which at the end of interactions, if user is not satisfied with the provided answers, Bot must call an API method sending custom variables like name, email, phone and what is the user looking for in FAQ (and couldn't be reply accordingly). This method is a POST 3rd party method already implemented and working, that receives those variables using form data. Can somebody point me to documentation to get this? I don't need to show response or anything... just send data and the API method will take care of that. Thanks.

Quick Reply Button color for Telegram

How can I change QR button color for Telegram ?

Bot not working on Facebook

Hi! Yesterday my bot stopped working on Facebook. I see that it is still working on the web, but on Facebook it does not respond, does not even start a conversation ... is there a bug right now?

Snatchbot account

Good morning, I would need more information regarding the whatsapp channel: some of our customers have asked us to develop a chatbot on the whatsapp channel and we would like to use your development platform. I have seen that the process to obtain the D360-API-KEY requires the creation of a business manager account in Facebook to which the Whatsapp account must correspond. As for the Snatchbot account, would it be possible to have a single PRO in the name of our company, where are we going to develop all the chatbots on Whatsapp for the different customers? is it therefore possible to manage more than one Whatsapp account on a single Snatchbot account (obviously by correctly dimensioning the number of monthly messages)? Or is it necessary to create a PRO account for each of our customers, in their name? I hope I have clarified my doubt well, if not, I am available to provide further clarifications Thanks in advance Regards

Whatsapp channel - smartphone features

Good evening, we would like to implement a chatbot using the Whatsapp channel for one of our customers. We will therefore purchase a smartphone with a new SIM. Are there any limitations on the RAM of the smartphone? Furthermore, the smartphone would only be used for activating the channel, so it could also be used for other purposes or with other apps? Regards

Timer: Can you track how long it takes to answer?

I want to gamify my bot by scoring based on speed and accuracy. Can I do that?

Connect Bot With Google sheet (google Script)

Hi team SnatchBot thank's for all the powerfull job You do it for us and i wish you nice happy day !! Ok! im not good in coding i have two Question: 1- in channel section (other/api): i followed the instruction i create : (api_Key and Api_secret ) i get the link and i deploy it ==> I open it this link ( in google chrome I received this message : { "error": "Bad request", "status": false } Why I get This Message ? My second question : how can i use " your bot with google script" to get and post content !! thank You