Advanced Stats

Hello, we can export report from "Advanced Stats" feature until June. Our bot is activated ProPlan. But now "Advanced Stats" is showing no data for the last 7 days and no data for August. But there were interactions and history in "Inbox" and "Report".

How to delete an account

Hello, I want to know how to delete my account. I tried to press the buttom but it doesn't work.

New trial

Hi guys, I am approaching again your bot and I would like to ask if i can have another trial, thank you. Also, could you please check this screenshot? <>T The lines highlighted in red are 4 lines that appear on my facebook chat - business page - after I have installed the bot years ago. From that moment on, I was never able to remove it. Can you please advice on how to remove those lines? thank you, Marco

Limitation des bots, explication.

Bonjour, je suis enseignante en lycée et j'utilise votre logiciel pour réaliser des escape game pour mes élèves. Jusqu'ici tout fonctionnait bien mais maintenant, les bots ne fonctionnent plus et l'on me demande de passer en pro, pouvez vous m'expliquer ? Bonne journée.

I want to delete the bot connected to Viber

The bot connected to Viber has been deleted in Snatch Bot, so please tell me how to get it back

Rating dialogue

Hi, How can I create a dialogue with user can set rating? example: Bot: Please rate us! (star) (star) (star) (star) (star) User: [Can click how many star to rate] Thanks

No response to tickets created

Hello there, I created two tickets almost a week ago and have not yet received any response to assist. I also created a follow up ticket about two days back to ask for a way forward, and have received no response to that either. I have been monitoring my email and the SnatchBot platform to check for responses. I also tried replying to one of SnatchBot's marketing emails asking about whether the functionality of the Bot is as expected, and there also has been no response. Please can someone advise how I contact a SnatchBot representative for support? Thanks so much.

Pro plan but my chatbot isn't activated

I pay in order to re activate my chatbot and be able to see the advanced statistics, but there is no change at all despite paying. I even recieved an email with my payment confirmation

Where can I get complete report containing 10,000 messages as now report contains only 4331?

Although Snatchbot said 10,000 messages completed with my Pro-Plan, when I extracted the report, it only contains 4331 messages. Where can I get the complete report of 10,000 messages?

No encuentro la opcion de deshabilitar el cobro automatico, nose con quien comunicarme

No encuentro la opcion de deshabilitar el cobro automatico, nose con quien comunicarme