perspective in ethics and ethical theories

perspective in ethics and ethical theories

Las voces de snatchbot en español estan mal?

Hola, desde hace días solo aparecen 2 voces en español de las 4 que usualmente aparecían y las que están son muy feas y robóticas.


¿Cómo puedo mantener la conversación con el mismo usuario así abandone el chat?

How can I know or change my user name?

How can I know or change my user name?

How do I embed my chatbot on a website?

I can't find anywhere that I can get the embed code for my website? Please advise. Do I have to be on the pro version?

How to get Chabot Link

I built a chatbot, I need to share the link with my supervisor. Please guide me how. Tnxs.

Webhook verses card

I am unable to set up a webhook within my interaction. The error 404 is returned. I understand using cards is a workaround for this above issue however what steps can I take to use the webhook as intended. Thank you in advance.

E commerce bot

is there any way i could make a template for commercial bot and how

Maximum Subscribers and Broadcast on Free Plan?

Please what's the Maximum Broadcast on Free Plan? What are its Limits "per broadcast" and "per month"? and the maximum subscribers limit Thanks

Change text color

Hello How can I change the text color in "Cards"? thank you for your reply