The bot is not always showing me the right response after the first try.

Hello :) I have the issue that my bot is not alwys showing me the right response right away.. Sometimes I have to type the same response twice, to get the correct reaction. My bot is 249247 And the reactions I have to type twice are "rape" and "catcalling" (interaction 3172297). If needed I can share a screenshot of how that looks. Thanks in advance for your help!

Response keep showing

Hello, recently i try to type the keyword that is not exist in chatbot, but the bot keep replying eventho the fallback connection says do nothing

Copy and paste conditional connections

Dear friends, I have interactions in my bot that have 13 conditional connections each. Every time I create a new interaction of this type I have to insert one by one the 13 conditional connections. Today, for example, I have to create 4 new interactions and therefore I have to create a total of 52 conditional connections. Is there any way to copy those 13 conditional connections and paste them in each of the 4 new interactions? If this is not possible, is there anything that will help me in this task of creating a total of 52 conditional connections? Thank you very much in advance

Connect viber community and bot

I wanna know how can I connect viber community with bot.

The Bots are not working

Including the sample from the TTS, they dont work, please fix asap.

Adding TTS request

Hi, I tried to create a voicebot for academic purposes. However, I couldn't add more than four voice interactions, Could you help me please ? Thanks,

Bot stopped working [VIBER]

Hello, my bot stopped working for some reason, it doesnt respond

How do I make a calendar to schedule appointments,

How do I make a calendar to schedule appointments, that when I enter the schedule option it shows me a calendar with the available days and I can also see the schedules? Greetings

My inbox not loading.

Hi, i am using the Snatchbot for a student projekt, but my inbox isnt loading. Someone know how i can fix that?

Random order of gallery items

Dear friends, In our chatbot we have a gallery with several items and we would like that they do not always come out in the same order. Is there any way to make the order of the items in a gallery to be displayed randomly in the chat? Thank you very much in advance