my vip in ogchat bot is not working its making me frustrated


Como puedo asignar agentes a la conversacion del bot

Restfull api with Google script - seach Operation

Hi team Snatchbot ! First il like Your chatbot Platform ,Easy to use and helpfull !! But I get Issu need help or advise !! im trying to use Json to return data from google sheet Everything is set correctly the flow and attribute ! On searching in the internet i found this Google script code (Im not Good On Coding) . this script help me to search Key element in a sheet. if i deploy and test the url it working but i don't know how use it with snatchbot "Json" please Help !! Thank YOu very much The Script : var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl("Your Spread Sheet URL"); var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Sheet1"); function doGet(e){ return search(e) ; } function doPost(e){ return search(e) ; } function search(e){ var id = e.parameter.id; var values = sheet.getRange(2, 1, sheet.getLastRow(),sheet.getLastColumn()).getValues(); for(var i = 0;i<values.length; i++){ if(values[i][0] == id ){ i=i+2; var name = sheet.getRange(i,2).getValue(); return ContentService.createTextOutput(name).setMimeType(ContentService.MimeType.TEXT); } } return ContentService.createTextOutput("Id not found").setMimeType(ContentService.MimeType.TEXT); }

Cards are not working in facebook

for different bots cards are not working. Plz solve the issue

Einbindung von Snachbot auf eigene Internetseite

Hallo, wie kann ich mein SnatchBot auf meine Internetseite zum Testen einbinden.

interaction 3315411 does not work.

Helo, I have issue with bot: 258973 interaction 3315411 does not work. thx

Is it possible to use the bot and ask the user to upload an image?

Hi Team, With regards to this post https://snatchbot.me/amp/blog/150/upload-to-a-chatbot . We want to know how to use this upload capability. In this post you have explained all the uses of it but we cannot find how to use this in the documentations. Can you please help to provide the required docs for this so that we can use this uploading feature. We want to provide the user a button to upload receipt. When the user clicks on the upload button it should open the browsing window from the user's local system and they should be able to upload an image and we should be able to capture this image using our backend service. Thanks

Pro Plan - Yearly Payment

Hello, I am trying to get the Pro Plan for my Snatchbot, with a limit of 25.000 messages, which according to your pricing page would be 60$/month, or paid anually as 720$. I logged into my account and went to "Upgrade to PRO" but I cannot find the One-Time-Payment method. Could you guide me through this? Thank you!

речь в текст

Как я могу воспользоваться функцией перевода речи в текст онлайн ?

Google Analytics and Font slow down SnatchBot in some countreis.

Is there any way to disable google analytics js and not use and download the Roboto font? In some countries the connection to google domains are very slow, let user to decied if they need these can make SnatchBot more powerful and faster.