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pass user's response JSON API

Hi Snatch Bot team , Recently we asked few of your interns to search out for best chatbot making platform . One of our intern suggested us about Snatch Bot , our whole team liked it , we were on the verge of choosing Snatch Bot for building our Bot , but one thing which is very much necessary , intern were getting problem at , JSON API . We checked out your weather API template but seems it either needs more explanation with more better example or something seems missing in it . What issue we are facing is , we want to pass user;s response to API , so that according to response , we could give respective response from the API sample scenerio Lets say we have data of 100 todos. Each todo has a unique id associated with it .What we want is , We want user to give the Id and based on that Id , our Api will send the response corresponding to the given Id. So , how to send Id to the JSON Api basically HOW TO SEND USER'S RESPONSE to the JSON API ANother example lets say user is asked name , user enter the name , now HOW to pass that name to OUR API gone through most the answers but they points to mostly documentation which we have already stated that seems it lacks something It would be very nice if the Snatch Bot team could give a small example based on above scenrio , we are pretty sure that it wouldn't take more then 5 min to do the above task and 5 min more to document it well , in total 10 min , which is far better then just giving the links of document for a problem , examples are much better way to explain , at least in our team we use examples to solve doubts , may be it doesn;t work for everyone , but it would be very nice if the Snatch Bot team could give a small based on above scenerio and also give API structure (if possible in Node.js ) We really appreciate your product :) Thank You

Posted by Shawn about a year ago