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Some questions about Telegram & Co.

Good morning, I'd have some questions about Snatch: 1) Is it possible through Telegram API Bot to make your bot support Markdown or HTML? Since that there's a code for parse_mode (method), to include one of them. Now if I write something in the message's field through HTML, like for example: <b>Hello/b>, the bot would show literally <b>Hello</b> and not *Hello*, in bold as it should be. Also this kind of forum supports Markdown, why don't include it on Snatch? 2) How can I ban an user from my bot? Also, is there a way to implement a sort of anti-flood? Always on Telegram 3) Whenever an user triggers an interaction (for example /start), if this latter writes an input the bot can't recognise, the bot will just keep sending the actual interaction (in this case /start). Is there a way to make sure the bot doesn't respond at all when an user inputs something not recognised by it? 4) I read the pricing section and the differences between the free version and the pro one. What does actually mean "access to all basic features"? And which features does the pro version have, that the free one doesn't? Just the plugins and features the you can always get through Third-Party APIs? Talking about features, I already know about the premium support and that there's no branding. I hope you'll just keep adding plugins and unnecessary features and not become like some other platform where without paying you can't literally do almost anything. It would be a real pity. 5) Do you have any "schedule" about adding and improving Snatchbot's features also on other Channels like Telegram and not just WebChat? For example I would like a lot to be able to choose the position of the quick replies buttons. 6) I read someone talking about the new features of Snatchbot...Are these features the ones of the update of July or did you do another update recently? Also, are these features (mostly) free (except of course for plugins, etc.)? Thank you in advance for the answer and good job!

Posted by Sarah about a year ago