Flight and Hotel API

Can I integrate Flight and/or Hotel API ? Or Have you already integrated the Chatbot with other APIs for Hotel and/or Flight systems ?

Mot clé en réponse

Bonjour, est-il possible de faire en sorte que si l’utilisateur entre un mot clé à n’importe quel moment dans la conversation, ça l’envoie vers une certaine interaction? J’aimerai le faire sans avoir à relier 10000 interactions entre elles. Je ne trouve pas comment faire… Merci!


Lana's back hurts sometimes after working long hours, mostly while standing. When she gets home, her husband offers to give her a back massage to help relieve her back pain. This always helps Lana, which can best be explained by Question 67 options: place theory. gate-control theory. the volley principle. temporal theory.

Chatbot still typing on Microsoft Edge

My chatbots seem to be still typing and not starting conversation. They’re working normally on iPhone though. What can be the problem? ID’s 315971 and 316047

Epic certification

I want epic certification questions and answers

Annual Pro Plan Subscription

Good morning My company would like to activate an annual pro plan for one of our chatbots. However, under the 'Upgrade to Pro' option, there is only monthly subscription available. We would like to clarify on how can we subscribe to the annual subscription (i.e. 25,000 messages option). Thank you

Annual Subscription

Hi. I am trying to sign up for annual subscription (SGD $60 per month plan). However, the only selected option is monthly (SGD $75 per month plan). Could I seek assistance on how to subscribe to the annual plan instead?

perspective in ethics and ethical theories

perspective in ethics and ethical theories

Las voces de snatchbot en español estan mal?

Hola, desde hace días solo aparecen 2 voces en español de las 4 que usualmente aparecían y las que están son muy feas y robóticas.


¿Cómo puedo mantener la conversación con el mismo usuario así abandone el chat?