UI Translation

Hi, I'm using SnatchBot in a Chinese website, but some UI texts are not translated. Is there any way I can translate it for my website or contribute translations to SnatchBot?

Problem with facebook channel

Hello, I am creating my new bot and I want to publish it to a Facebook channel and I connected my account, so far so good, the problem is that where it appears to select the page, it only shows one of my pages that already has a bot with you, but all the other pages that I manage do not appear, what can I do there?

Is it possible to train a model that identifies Image.

I want to train a model which can identify image and provide response as true or false. So, Is it possible.

Snatchbot slow

Since today my chatbots are answering significantly slower than usual. The issue appeared with serveral users on different devices. How do I fix this?

how to save changes on templates?

Hi, I started to edit a template but can't find the save button. So, I always lose my changes. Thanks,

Meanwhile chatting with live agent, hello message popping up

After choosing "Live Agent" option, every time a customer writes something in the FB chat, the welcoming message is sent again by the chatbot; although the live agent is typing. Can I turn off this function somehow?

Word limit of participants' responses

Hi there! I am experiencing a design issue with the word limit of participants' responses to open-ended questions in a chatbot conversation. Is there a way the word limit for participants could be extended or made unlimited?

Groups & Holding Pattern

Hello, I was wondering, if SnatchBot (ProPlan) offers a possibility to define groups. So that when an agent within a live chat is not available, the inquiry gets redirected to someone else. Furthermore as well to segment inquiries via previous questions so that only the expert to the respective topics receive the inquiry. Additionally, I was wondering if SnatchBot (ProPlan) offers a holding pattern to inform the person in the life chat on which position in line they are. E.g. 'you're next in line' or 'there are 3 peoples requests answered before yours, we will work as fast as we can and keep you up to date'.

Bot in IFrame or Frame

Hi, i want use the bot in an iframe or frame. On start the high of the frame is shorter then the bot window. how can i set the new hight after the bot is opened? -> resizing frame for bot

Connection form => Field for connection to next interaction cannot be found

Dear Support, First of all, congratuations for amazing product. I am trying to create my first connection, but unlike documentation, there is no field in which to specify the next "interaction name". I have tried with both browers: Wondws Explorer + Google Chrome. Kindly, advise how I an progress from here