Test Interaction ne fonctionne plus

Bonjour Je teste actuellement le comportement de Snatchbot en version gratuite pour un site Web. Brutalement, le test interaction ne fonctionne plus, la page qui s'ouvre est vide hormis la croix de fermeture, de plus l'accès par le site à le même comportement, ce qui est très gênant. Quelqu'un peut il m'aider, merci

My snatchbot on Facebook Messenger only works with admins and not the public.

I was successful getting my snatchbot working on facebook. However when testing using any account besides my facebook account (which is an admin on the page) it didn't work properly. Am I missing a setting or is this a bug? I'm hoping this will work because I'm impressed with snatchbot compared to the other bots I've tried recently.

Questions about the benefits of the pro version

Hello, I will want to subscribe to the pro version of snatchbot but I have a few questions. 1. Does the pro version give access to the source code of the chatbot to customize it ? 2. Is there a way to integrate the chatbot directly into a web page (embeded) and not as a widget ?

Bot window size

Hello Anyone know how to reduce the size of the window when someone click on the bot icon ? Thank you

Whatsapp & SnatchBot

For a small business what is the minimum cost per month to enable your platform for use with Whatsapp business please? What does this subscription offer?

Kajabi & SnatchBot integration

We use Kajabi and are looking to integrate a ChatBot. They support ManyChat but we would like to utilise SnatchBot's platform. How would we achieve the integration to our website?

Limitation in free version

What are the limitations in free version of snatchbot?

How can I add other Payment Methods?

Is it possible to use somehow other Payment Methods? I am not a big fan of PayPal and don't need to use it at all. So, I need to connect another Payment Methods via API. Can I do that?

NLP Training Tips

Hi there We created a Chatbot for a customers website. Unfortunately the NLPs are not yet working properly. There are often completely wrong answers which don't have anything to do with the question asked. And even if the question is exactly the same as a sample it sometimes doesn't work. Do you have any tips on what kind of samples we have to provide to improve the recognition of an intent. And how many samples would you recommend per NLP? Thanks for an answer.

Why is it so slow to open Inbox?

Hello, When I go to the page https://account.snatchbot.me/conversation it loads for minutes so I don't have time to catch the client? My bot is 273529, is this normal? Thanks