Platform update, 3rd June 2020: New Plugins


What's New

  • New plugins and plugin management tools
  • Possibility to create your own plugins
  • Two new Advanced Charts
  • WhatsApp channel
  • NLP And Inbox collaboration
  • Facebook Phone and Email sharing Quick Reply

New plugin structure, plugin creation and management tools

Now the plugins will have a completely different and more flexible structure, with every step being an interaction. You will be able to modify the plugin flow as you wish, skip, or add your own interactions.
This means you can use our connections logic, for example, to respond to the data brought into the conversation by the plugin. It also means you can add cards, edit the structure of the plugin and reorder the plugin interactions.
Also, you can even create and submit your own plugins via the new Plugin Builder Tool using brand new Extended API interaction, a powerful tool to create custom integrations.


Note for plugin users

All the previously existing plugins you have in your bot will remain, but they will be transformed into a set of interactions. Please make sure to verify the structure and content of the plugins you currently have in your bot(s).

New Plugin: Twitter

With this new Twitter plugin, you will be able to get the latest posts of any open account without even logging in, directly in chat.
Other functionalities: following and unfollowing users, retweeting posts, sending direct messages, and of course, sending your own tweets!

New Plugin: Trello

With this plugin, your users will be able to create, view, edit or remove the Boards that they own or have access to, Lists, Activities, Cards and Notifications.

PRO: Inbox Collaboration

The Inbox Collaboration feature provides the ability for the Inbox section to be shared so that multiple administrators could write messages to the users at the same time, including responding to messages received through the Await Response.

PRO: NLP collaboration

NLP collaboration functionality provides you with the possibility to use the same NLP models in several different accounts. As if you share a bot, there are two roles - model owner and model administrator. The owner of the model can share either a single model by itself or a model linked to a bot.

Bot administrators can use a shared model only in shared bots belonging to the same user who owns the model. It means that bot administrators can’t use a shared model in their own bots, in shared bots belonging to other (third-party) users). Using own models in shared bots will not be possible too.

PRO: WhatsApp channel

We are now adding support of the WhatsApp channel. PRO users can apply for channel activation in channels. Facebook has a fairly strict approval procedure, but no worries, we will guide you through that.


WhatsApp Channel Demo

In the following weeks, we will introduce a comfortable way to test your bots in demo, while your display name and phone number are being verified by Facebook team.

PRO: New Advanced Charts

Geolocation chart

Find out where are your customers are from using the new chart, available for Pro users.

Exit Interactions

Easily track which interactions are most often the last in conversations with your bots.

Facebook Messenger: Quick Phone and Email sharing button

An extension feature for Phone and Email Extraction interactions, available for Facebook: it is possible to add a quick reply that will prompt users to chat with the bot to share their Phone number or emails without typing it manually. Facebook Messenger will supply the data from the user’s profile automatically. In chat, it will look like an ordinary Quick reply button.

Other updates

  • We have completely changed the look of Connection and Synonyms in Bot build.
  • Added Attribute option in Connections. Now an attribute value can also be used to change the bot flow.
  • PRO option: we have added the possibility to turn SnatchBot Google Analytics tracking. We are collecting the data to help improve our services, and it is completely privacy policy complaint. However, we understand that you may wish to use Google Analytics yourself, and for that, Pro users can install their own Google Analytics tag.
  • Await response timeout redirection: if you or your chat agents cannot answer to users within some several minutes, the bot can answer with an interaction of your choice. This feature will prevent users who are trying to contact you outside of your working hours from hanging in chat waiting for the response.
  • Advanced Stats weekly report: we have redesigned the email layout, bringing the most important information to your attention, delivered to your email weekly.