Platform update, 18 August 2020


What's New

  • Hootsuite Social Tool integration for Facebook Bots
  • New default attributes available in each conversation: timestamp, userid, channel
  • Font settings are now applied to messages sent from admin to webchat and for Error response messages sent by bots.
  • Plugins: extended limit of Request Body to 10,000 characters.

Hootsuite integration

For your convenience, we have added the possibility to optionally direct live agent conversation from SnatchBot Inbox to Hootsuite. Available for all [Pro ]

Learn how to integrate SnatchBot with Hootsuite in our guide.

New default attributes

Now these default attributes are assigned to each conversation:
timestamp - current time, updated dynamically whenever requested;
userid - fetch unique userid of the customer
channel - fetch current channel, for example for setting up different flows for each channel

For settings for messages sent from Inbox and Error response

Now all the standard formatting rules will be applied for messages sent from Inbox to Webchat channel. Please note that in all other channels formatting tags will be ignored.

Error response messages, sent by the bot, will now also appear formatted.

Plugins: Exntended API Request Body limit increased

We have been gettings reports that multiple users had troubles creating plugins, because the requests allowed were too short. Thus, we have increased the limit from 600 to 10,000 characters.