Release: 20th December 2019

New Features


Completely new feature for Pro user: Automations.

Use it for easy data migration from and to Google Sheets. Login with your Google Account and SnatchBot will do the rest - create a spreadsheet and start filling it with user input. Specify the attribute and the data will be published automatically.


  • Added possibility to specify attributes as connection criteria, similar to already familiar custom variables.
  • New in JSON API interaction: you can now specify if you want to send text and voice message together, or only voice. The new parameter "show text" will help you to control it.
  • New channel: Africa's Talking.
  • Balance history: clearer view on the status of your payments.
  • Webchat widget was greatly enhanced, new customisable options: custom message next to widget icon and unread message notification, engaging users to start the chat with your bot.
  • Address extraction interaction now supports sharing live location! If the user opts for sending location marker from Facebook Messenger or Skype - it will be recognized as an address. The option is now available in Webchat as well - the user can specify his location by dragging the location pin if it was not detected automatically.


  • We are now adding templates in different languages. For our users using language subdomains the templates in their language will be displayed on top.
  • Updated Advanced Stats, Average lifetime of bots.
  • We removed the Submit your bot tab from Facebook settings as they discontinued it. This is not a mistake!
  • We constantly work on localisation of the website. Do not hesitate contacting us if you spotted something.

Bug fixes

  • Await response: bot owner used to receive a duplicate of email notification after session expired
  • Custom variable bracket fix
  • Fixed Persistent menu display for some Telegram bots
  • Fixed Persistent menu for webchat channel
  • Telegram channel: fixed "typing..." status display
  • Fixed the case when it was impossible to remove gallery
  • API channel: fixed Await response iinteraction
  • Weather plugin: fixed restart of the plugin in Telegram and Facebook.
  • Text-to-Speech: fixed the issue when it was impossible to switch voice to another one
  • Email channel: fixed interaction switch
  • Fixed chat counter in Inbox
  • Fixed the display of voice message duration for Firefox browser
  • Fixed the layout of RSS card in one line display mode
  • Inbox: fixed the display of voice messages (TTS that was not followed by a text message)
  • Extraction interactions: text was duplicated if Error response was empty
  • Webchat: fixed the display of Get Started button in Safari browser
  • Fixed sorting of chats in Inbox
  • Forced https in Gallery URLs - please use secure links
  • Webchat responsive: iOS display fixes
  • Fixed issue on trying to invite a collaborator who has already been invited
  • Fixed the error on trying to import a bot
  • API channel: added possibility to fetch messages "from bot" and "from user"
  • Messenger: fixed the error when attributes were missin on th forst usage of the bot
  • Fixed login and register for iOS 11 users
  • JSON API attribute saving fixed
  • Facebook Customer chat plugin: fixed Greeting dialog display
  • Weather: fixed step order in the plugin
  • Pictures will no longer be recognized as user response by bot in Telegram and Webchat
  • Fixed newsletter subscription on main page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed the possibility to switch to other channels on iOS devices in Webchat
  • Fixed complex logic expressions with double conditions.
  • Fixed Await Response notification indicator
  • Fixed Error response in JSON API interaction - now it will appear when API URL is wrong.