Release: 14th November 2019

New Features

  • Channels settings are now also available in Collaboration mode - invited members now can deploy, connect or disable channels.
  • Persistent attributes. Now the attributes will be remembered even after the chat session expires. Available for Facebook, Skype, Email, Telegram, Viber, Slack, Twilio channels.
  • Extended Advanced statistics to include insights on bots other people shared with you.


  • Activity logs minor fixes and improvements. Removing an empty card or element will not be displayed anymore.
  • Report an issue: it is now possible to remove an attachment.
  • Viber: added View on Web button to RSS cards
  • Shared bots: see when the bot was updated last time; view the history of sent broadcasts; copy the bot.

Bug fixes

  • Reports: message sending time was displayed incorrectly in the Xls file.
  • Build: Highlight extracted data checkbox was becoming marked, upon pressing the Print button in the Bot scheme section.
  • EBay plugin fix in iFrame.
  • Inbox: fixed the issue when QR buttons were not displaying in the chat, if there was TTS in the message.
  • Facebook channel: Facebook attributes were not displaying in the chat, if you launched a bot for the first time.
  • Build: Translation interaction was not working with English.
  • NLP: it was not possible to delete a model after testing.
  • Telegram: fixed embedded pictures display.
  • Global connections: synonyms removal fixed.
  • Webchat customisation: fixed Close button color parameter.
  • Webchat: fixed STT in webchat widget.
  • Telegram: fixed comparison operation "<".
  • Broadcast: fixed button name duplication in text cards.
  • Mac OS, Webchat: session expiry time was not working properly, the bot restarted earlier.
  • Fixed payment buttons in Inbox.

User Experience / Layout

  • FB channel (mobile): layout fix of the QR buttons.
  • Pro plan layout fix in responsive
  • Support center - hid notification alerts in there are none
  • Advanced status fixed display of URLs
  • Bubbles in scheme appeared cut - fixed
  • Profile: empty space under the footer, fixed
  • Inbox, card layout visual issues - fixed
  • Maps API Key field display issue fixed
  • Responsive webchat: video display issue, fixed
  • Email subject validation: restricted entering only spaces
  • Chat header: aligned icons and close button
  • Aligned size and display of the button Verify
  • Removed extra scrolling bar in Find synonyms
  • Hints: fixed display of & characters
  • Select language dropdown in Bot Store
  • Forgot your password - aligned in fr and ja
  • Inbox: preview of removed chat will not be displayed
  • Advanced stats: fixed fonts, style, alignments
  • Inbox QR visual display fix
  • Solutions - Chatbots responsive fix
  • Spanish: login page visual fix
  • Support Center, Bot dropdown - layout fix
  • Bot scheme button size adjusted for shared bots
  • Fixed style of all dropdowns in the User area


  • Not found synonyms - fixed
  • Countries in dropdowns - fixed