Platform update, 23 December 2020


What's new

  • Join our affiliation program with Tapfiliate.
  • Adapted our system per recent GDPR-related changes on Facebook
  • Added the indicator of the total number of interactions in a plugin

Affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and get 20% rewards from each recommendation. And not just from the initial subscription. from renewals, too!

Changes for bot owners and admins in Europe

You are probably already aware of the changes in the Privacy policies, several features for advertising are limited in Facebook for both bot users and admins in the EU.
Starting December 16, 2020, Facebook Messenger will take some more steps in accordance with the restrictions of the policies in the EU.

These changes will impact some APIs and UI components for the following audience:

Europe pages in all chats on Facebook
Pages with admins in Europe in all chats on Facebook
Any chats with people in Europe on Facebook
The following users will be impacted by the changes:

Those who own bots connected to EU pages,
Those in the EU who message bots connected to pages based outside the EU.
Here is the list of features unavailable to the mentioned categories starting December 16:

Buttons (still available on mobile devices)
Galleries (still available on mobile devices)
Persistent menu
Handover protocol (this concerns Hootsuite app integration)
Audio and video
One-Time Notification
User profile information
Facebook's official announcement for your reference is here:

Your bot can still contain Text elements and Quick Replies, and it can as well use some Facebook attributes, Live Chat, JSON API, NLP, and send text attachments.

In case you need to use your bot both for EU and non-EU users, SnatchBot enables you to create independent flows within the bot for the two categories of users by setting up custom user attributes.
Should you require any further information concerning the current change, please feel free to contact SnatchBot Support and the SnatchBot Community.