Release: 17th February 2020


What's New

  • With this update, we are Introducing a much-anticipated option to load multiple NLP samples into Intent models at once. Just upload an XLS or CSV and we will add them for you.
  • Premium interactions, Address extraction and Translation, are now a part of the Pro Plan subscription package. You don't have to create your own keys and pay monthly fees to providers - we will cover that for you. You can try them out for 2 weeks for free - activate the Trial period and add both interactions to ALL of your bots. Remember, there are other benefits in PRO subscription! (link to upgrade to pro)
  • Promote your bot on your website with the new Sharing widget. This tool is very quick to customize and install on a page - no special skills are required. Pick the channels you want to offer, compose a short engaging message - and you are good to go.
  • (PRO) You can now download detailed reports from Advanced Stats. You will be notified by email when the report is ready to download.
  • Bot changelog is now available to export, too. If you have more than one editor, this can come handy to track which changes have been made to the bot.


  • You will now see the real names of people who contacted your bot in Slack instead of random-looking IDs.


  • Fixed JSON API functionality in Slack channel for some cases.
  • Fixed Test chat session expiry, now it will work exactly like in WebChat.
  • Made few changes in the way Facebook and Slack handle broadcast sending to reduce failed attempts.
  • Switch to Await response is now fixed in Web and Test-chat.
  • Fixed the "Go to Interaction" button in gallery cards.
  • Speech-to-Text: now the bots won't get stuck in case the user did not say anything or the system did not recognize the speech. Users will be prompted to try again.
  • Fixed editing of NLP Connection
  • Fixed NLP models training, both kinds must be trained correctly.
  • One-hour option of scheduled broadcasts has been fixed for Line
  • Fixed data coming via Webhook when a Global connection is triggered.
  • Phone buttons will no longer be duplicated in WebChat
  • Fixed data extraction from Bot Statement interaction type.
  • Facebook checkbox plugin, fixed missing text messages.
  • Email extraction interaction: fixed the issue with capital letters.
  • Twilio channel: fixed message receiving after switching from Webchat
  • PayPal payments: some of you have encountered Sandbox window popping up - please let us know if you still do, and we will get back to you shortly.