Platform update, 14 July 20

New functionality

  • Much anticipated WhatsApp Demo!
    We know that the phone number approval takes quite some time, so we have implemented a workaround for you. It enables you to create a bot and test it immediately while the verification process id being handled by our team.
    Note: you must be subscribed to Pro plan, $79 or higher.

  • Added the default attributes that will be available for all user conversations: timestamp, channel and userid.


Default attributes

Default attributes are extremely useful for bots that are receiving information via API. Based on the user channel or a unique ID your backend may provide targeted information.

  • Added the possibility to apply fonts to messages sent from Inbox to Webchat. Note that this only applies to Webchat during live chat.

  • Attributes in URLs
    In order to build a custom payment of checkout links for your customers, you can now specify fully custom attributes and add them to the URL.


Usage example

The possibility works with Webhooks URLs, JSON API requests, URL buttons in Cards.
The URL will be transformed into: (the actual value of a specified attribute from the current conversation with the user)