Skype Messenger

Creating a Skype Messenger bot is easy.

You can configure a bot to connect to the channels you want it to be available on. For example, a bot connected to the Skype channel can be added to a contact list and people can interact with it in Skype.

To do this, please create your bot first (you can also use an existing bot):

After this is done, go to the bot’s settings and open the Channels section. On the right panel, you will see a ‘Skype’ channel:

Click the ‘Plus’ button to publish and deploy the channel.

After that, you will need to login to Microsoft Azure Portal (with an existing account or a newly created one). When logged in, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click + Create a resource button, followed by Al + Machine Learning, and then select Bot Channels Registration section (if you do not see it in the list, click the ‘See All’ button):
  1. In the form that opens, click the ‘Create’ button to start the creation process. After that, fill in the required fields as specified on the screenshot below:

In the messaging field use this URL but change the number at the end to the ID of your bot.:

  1. Click the Create button to confirm you are ready to go. In the Notifications section you can view how the deployment process is progressing:

Click the ‘Go to resource’ button to open the bot's resources menu.

  1. Now you need to add the Skype channel. To do this, go to the ‘All resources’ tab, in the opened window select your bot’s name and then click ‘Channels’ under the Bot Management. To add a channel, click the Skype logo icon:
  1. In the opened window, go to the ‘Publish’ tab and fill in the needed information. This section configures the publish settings of your bot. All fields marked with an asterisk are required:
  1. Accept the Terms of Service and the Skype channel will be added to your bot:

Publishing a bot submits it for review. Before review, the bot is limited to 100 contacts. Approved bots do not have limited contacts and you may opt to have the bot included in the Skype bot directory.

  1. In Step 5 of adding this channel to the bot, you will be requested to specify an App ID and App Password. To get them, go to Resource groups -> your bot’s name -> Deployments (in the Settings menu) -> your bot’s name -> Inputs -> copy values from “APPID” and “APPSECRET” fields:
  1. Go back to the Snatchbot’s adding channel form, and in the Step 5 paste copied values in the appropriate fields:
  1. Click the Save button to add a Skype channel.
    To add a bot’s Skype contact, click the Add to Skype button next to the channel’s name. On the opened page, click Add to Contacts button and select the Skype you want to add it to:

You can now start the conversation with the bot:

To share an invitation to your Skype bot with a broad audience via your webpage, copy and paste the embedded code in Step 5.

Skype Messenger

Creating a Skype Messenger bot is easy.

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