Example Feed Customers to Mailchimp

Automatically create new Mailchimp subscribers from webhooks using SnatchBot Automation Flow.

A lot of 3rd party apps provide real-time notifications with webhooks, i.e. they call a registered URL with data every time a certain event occurs. But how do you easily store this data as e.g. new contacts in your marketing automation software or a CRM? This example flow shows you exactly that.

Here's how our flow looks like:

Feed Customers to Mailchimp FlowFeed Customers to Mailchimp Flow

Feed Customers to Mailchimp Flow

As you can see, we're expecting HTTP requests to our Webhook component and feed the incoming data as new subscribers to our Mailchimp account.

The Webhook component gives you a URL that you can copy-paste to your 3rd party app:

Whenever the Webhook URL is called by the 3rd party app, we want to create a new subscriber in our Mailchimp list with the email address received from the webhook:

Notice we selected the "data" variable in our Email field. This variable is coming from our Webhook component. Now you need a certain knowledge of the data structure that the 3rd party app sends to the webhook. Browser through the documentation of the 3rd party app to find out. In our case, the webhook receives a JSON object with "email" field. Therefore, we need to extract that email field from the incoming JSON data. You can just click on the variable to bring up the Modifiers dialog:

Select "JSON path" modifier and type "email" into the "Path" field. That's it. Our Mailchimp list will now receive a new subscriber whenever our webhook is called.

As a bonus, we also send the subscriber to our Slack channel for everyone to get excited about our newly registered user:

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