Example of a IVR flow.

Forward Customer Support Calls Based on PIN.

In this example, we demonstrate how to forward customer support calls (or calls in general) to customer service but only if the PIN provided by the user is known.

Plivo is a good voice & SMS API that we take advantage of. An alternative would be to use Twilio which is also provided as a built-in app in SnatchBot Automation Flow engine.

Our flow looks like this:

We start with a trigger component that is activated any time a call is received on our Plivo number. Just select your Plivo registered phone number from the Variable picker.

As soon as a call is received on our number, we want to ask the user for their PIN code. We can use the GatherCallInput Plivo component to do just that. Just fill in the message to say to the user and enter parameters of your PIN numbers (number of digits, finish key).

Next Steps

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