Adding Chatbase analytics

SnatchBot already provides a great deal of analytic information, especially from the Dashboard page, where you can see metrics for the numbers of messages exchanged, messages by channel, bots used and recent conversations.

We will be developing a further, in-depth, analytic menu but in addition we offer integration between our chatbots and Chatbase, Google’s Analytic system for chatbots. It is the equivalent for chatbots to Google Analytics for websites.

Chatbase is particularly helpful for SnatchBot users in providing a clear overview of the points where their chatbot conversations are faltering. Metrics such as active users, sessions, and user retention allow you a new visualization of the flow of the conversation. Importantly, it makes clear the exit points and interactions where messages have been poorly handled by the chatbot.

How to link Chatbase to your chatbot on the SnatchBot platform.

First of all you need to create an account with This is a matter of a couple of clicks if you have a Gmail account, otherwise, you will have to create a Gmail account first.

Once you created your account you need to add one (or more) of your SnatchBot chatbots to the Chatbase platform.

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Click on ADD a bot then you will get a new page asking you for the bot name (it can be anything) and country then press SUBMIT. A new page will appear with the API Key you will need to link your chatbot to Chatbase.


Copy the API Key and go to your bot on SnatchBot and select the Configure page.

Now paste the Chatbase key into the relevant box:


You can also use the same Chatbase API key on other bots or you can get a unique key for each.

Now, return to the Chatbase platform and press Continue:


Chatbase then give you the option to add the email of collaborators, with whom you might want to share the chatbot analytics. You can skip this page. You are brought to a page from which you can either add another bot or view the analytics of the bot you have just placed on the Chatbase platform.


Note that Chatbase will only be able to provide analytics from the time they start to receive data from the activity of your chatbot. This might take some time.

Watch this video tutorial "Adding Chatbase analytics"

Next Steps

Connect your bot to your desired channel or channels.