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Integrate Snatchbot with android app

I have an android app that is capable of sending HTTP requests. I would like to integrate my app with the Snatchbot chatbot. The app is capable of handling the JSON responses. I am unable to get proper JSON responses from the Snatchbot. I am using other/api integration and used the Post url to send a http post request. I am only getting the welcome intent's response. And for every subsequent http request I am getting a null response. The following is the response I get from Snatchbot. { "cards": [], "status": true, "messages": [ "Hi! I am Air India ticket booking assistant chatbot\n", "How may I help you today" ], "suggested": [ "Book", "Query" ] } The above response doesn't have all details. The following is the response that I get from (Another chatbot platform) upon a http request. { "status": { "code": 200, "type": "success" }, "timestamp": "2018-04-10T15:08:38.750Z", "sessionId": "85b02faacfec4949a8f7e1d717d66aaf", "result": { "confidence": 0.6, "interaction": { "action": "", "id": "5ab88dd45cbde90007e637b3", "name": "Pizza desire" }, "parameters": {}, "contexts": [ { "action": "", "id": "5ab88dd45cbde90007e637b3", "parameters": {}, "name": "Pizza desire" } ], "resolvedQuery": "I want pizza", "lifespan": 2, "source": "custom", "score": 0.95, "fulfillment": [ { "delay": 100, "message": "I can get you some really good pizza's.", "type": "text" }, { "delay": 100, "buttons": [ { "type": "postback", "value": "dine-in", "title": "Dine-in" }, { "type": "postback", "value": "delivery", "title": "Delivery" } ], "type": "quickReplies", "title": "Let's get started. Is this order for dining or delivery?" } ], "storyId": "5ab889ad5cbde90007e63774", "incomplete": false } } So how can I get a similar response as Botengine(as above) from Snatchbot? Can someone please help?

Posted by Abhilash Karpurapu about a year ago