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Snatchbot button - action depends on custom variable

Is it possible somehow? Or can you make it possible, that a flash text card's button opens two different bot statement based on a custom variable value? So as a translation giving a condition to the button... Like you make a text flash card, you add a button, you pick a block, you pick an interaction and you can add a condition. The point is that you can add multiple interaction and condition under each button. So if the condition input has a value the button will only make the action if the condition is true. It can be custom variable, attribute but not a user response because it can have multiple value that can make more conditions TRUE so the button would not work fine. So if two condition is TRUE under a button because of the given variables and attributes, you note it with an alert on the admin page. This way you can get the out the customer from a circle. Because it is quite hard to make it able for customers to change their given data. Your bot is great, I mean it has huge opportunities, but not in logical operations. If you can develop that, OMG you will own the market :D An example for a logical button statement if customers give their service request. FIRST TIME they give it, and they can modify the list also. So when they made it, they give their vehicle data, then their personal data. At the end they get a summary with all the data they gave. BUT the problem is, that if I allow them to change data again, they are running the whole process - circuit - again. The solution would be, that at a point I give a value for a custom variable and based on the value - with an IF logical operation -, the button will skip the whole process and steps to the summary page Bot Statement. What do you think? Is this possible or will be possible somehow?

Posted by Kristian Komjati 2 years ago