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google sheets and paypal

hello, I'm starting with the chatbots and I see that there are not many examples, I have not found many videos on youtube. I think your platform is good but it lacks diffusion and examples. I have several questions: 1. the chatbot can save information and extract information from google sheets or a database? if so there is an example, to learn and copy? 2. Is it possible to access other means of payment using chatbot other than paypal? example pay with stripe or bitcoins ( what I want to do is that at the time of payment shows several payment options and can verify whether the user paid or not. my idea is that the chatbot shows the payment option, then verify that the user has paid, receive the data, and then when the user wants to know in what state the order of service, the chatbot check the database and that information. Is it possible to do it? 3. it is possible that the chatbot, knows if it is the first visit of the client or if it is recurrent in the visits, I ask this because depending on the type of visit, it is possible to give different information at the beginning. 4. Is it possible that the chatbot will only be activated if the client visits a special page? If I pay 30 dollars, for the service these doubts are answered and help me to make a demo? Greetings and congratulations again for the platform Translated with

Posted by Andres about a year ago