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Attributes work incorrectly

ID: #105696 1st Interaction (#165581): user complets CAPTCHA and get redirected to 2nd Interaction (#165582), where he needs to click on /start in order to come back to 1st Interaction, here user clicks on "/profilo" and gets directed to 3rd Interaction (#165583) and there he must click on "/riscatta", he finally gets to 4th Interaction (#165584). Now, I set two attributes on 1st Interaction: "codice=5FREE2020" and "5FREE2020=0". On 4th Interaction user must insert the code (in this case "5FREE2020") and he'll get directed to 5th Interaction (#165585), where I created 3 cards, 1 for each condition: 1st Card [IF([attribute=5FREE2020]=0){[IF([responseTo interaction=1655684 fallback=Errore.]=[attribute=codice]){Il codice è stato riscattato con successo e hai ricevuto 5 💎. [setAttribute gems=[ADD [[attribute=gems], 5]]] [setAttribute 5FREE2020=1] Per tornare al menu principale, scrivi /start.}]}] 2nd Card [IF([responseTo interaction=1655684 fallback= ]![attribute=codice]){Il codice non è valido o è scaduto, inseriscine un altro ritornando alla sezione di riscatto con /riscatta. Per tornare al menu principale, scrivi /start.}] 3rd Card [IF([attribute=5FREE2020]=1){[IF([responseTo interaction=1655684 fallback=Errore]=[attribute=codice]){Il codice inserito è già stato riscattato, riscattane un altro con /riscatta. Per tornare al menu principale, scrivi /start.}]}] If the user writes something different from "codice", the 2nd Card will appear, if the code is right and it was written for the 1st time, the 1st one will appear, if it was written for the 2nd/3rd/etc. time, the 3rd one will appear. The 2nd Card works properly, while the 1st and the 3rd one not, because eventhough on 1st Interaction I set [setAttribute 5FREE2020=0], the 3rd Card appears, while the 1st one should appear instead. Test it by yourself.

Posted by Wolfy about a year ago