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Help needed ASAP. Recent connections and the changes that I made got saved but after few days, the connections are broken

Hello. We are working on NILA Bot, Bot ID: 110477. I had added utterance Main Menu (ID: 1809491) few days back, and had made all other utterances redirect to the Main Menu. Right now, Main Menu connections are broken. And also, other utterance connections are broken. I specifically remember that the changes that I made were saved. I had published it in the website and tested it, It was working perfectly fine. I don't know why after every 2 days or so, our connections are automatically broken. Is there anything we are NOT doing? Or is it your daily maintenance that is causing this bug? Please let me know about it. This has been a persistent error since last month. And we are having trouble retrieving our saved changes. We are looking forward to publish the bot in website within a week with target audience spanning 3 countries. So, if this error persists, I cant help but think of other alternatives. Please help me out here. This is a persistent error and discouraging. Please help us asap. Following Utterance Connections are broken on their own: 1. Language Setting (1730706) 2. Start (1725843) 3. Privacy (1809488) 4. Main Menu (1809491) 5. Latest News (1725844) 6. Map (1725845) 7. Coronavirus Symptom (1725846) 8. Symptoms No (1725847) 9. Symptoms Yes (1725848) 10. News NY Times (1725849) 11. WHO RSS News (1725850) 12. Animals and Food (1725869) 13. Support (1728490) 14. About Us (1729921) 15. Our Vision (1729923) 16. Our Motivation (1729924) 17. Our Team (1729925) 18. Need Support (1741682) 19. Give Support (1741665) 20. Travel Advisory (1799742) 21. Outbreak Canada Stats (1799885)

Posted by Kartik Joshi 12 months ago