No populated summary line

why my conditional connnections dont have a summary line?

change colour

I need to change the colour of the bot name. how can i do it

Как экспортировать разговор в автоматическом режиме?

Необходимо что бы бот (через взаимодействие) сам отправлял (экспортировал) разговор на почту мою или другую почту в виде письма.

WhatsApp Bot

Hello, when I use the whatsapp demo where I have to configure the api code, I send a message for example "hello" but the bot does not answer me at all and if I try to send a message from the inbox it does not appear in the chat of the mobile what can I do?

Away message email capture

Hi am I looking for a way to allow users to type a message in the bot chat but then receive an automated "agent is away please enter your email for a follow up" as a way to capture their email address. Is it possible to set this up? Thanks!

Is there a limit to the number of chatbots that can be created?

What is the maximum number of chatbots that can be created per user account? Thank you!

Telegram Broadcast Issue

i have success add bot in telegram group, unfortunately group bot totally no response when i send a broadcast via snatchbot. But individual bot can response & send broadcast success.

Starting bot with outside parameters

Hi All! Is it possible to start a bot with paramteres received from outside? For example to start with a button like a webpage bot but it knows the user's name which attribute is in the button's action url? Thank you! Jim

Connect API

Is it possible to have my WhatsApp bot, get information from a customer and then send it to a web application to create a ticket, but the whole process is automatic?


Hello, is the paypal only way to collect money from users?

how to add a bot to a website

right now

features of free version

what features are, or are not included in free version

How to remove my snatchbot in my facebook page?

Hi! I'm trying to remove SnatchBot from my page (Ablaze Store PH) but I can't disconnect it in the channel. Please send help!

Error: Can't upload image to server!

I can't upload images to the server. They are png format and under 250 kb. I have a free account. Please advise.

Annually payment option?

I read Pro Plan Subscription. If I subscribed monthly payment for Viber, I have option to upgrade next month's subscription fees. So if it reached limited messages, can I upgrade per month when I choose pay anuually ?


Good day. My one Bot is working on a facebook page, but seems like my other bot does not want to work. Any idea on what would be the problem?

How to count viber messages?

I read your doc but still I am confused about message counting? For a simple regular conversation example, " User : Hello Bot : Hello User: I want to know Company name. Bot : Company name is ABC " So this message is counted as total 4 messages

Viber Free Plan Messages Limitation?

I couldn't find a fresh topic of this kind of question. Is there any limitation on number of messages on a free plan for viber channel?

Bert question

How does BERT work in the chatbot to look for the best answer?

Schedule Broadcast

Hi, I wonder Schedule Broadcast function is working? because I schedule a few but seem like is never sending out. Can advise is there any special setting for this