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Snatchbot account

Good morning,
I would need more information regarding the whatsapp channel: some of our customers have asked us to develop a chatbot on the whatsapp channel and we would like to use your development platform. I have seen that the process to obtain the D360-API-KEY requires the creation of a business manager account in Facebook to which the Whatsapp account must correspond. As for the Snatchbot account, would it be possible to have a single PRO in the name of our company, where are we going to develop all the chatbots on Whatsapp for the different customers? is it therefore possible to manage more than one Whatsapp account on a single Snatchbot account (obviously by correctly dimensioning the number of monthly messages)? Or is it necessary to create a PRO account for each of our customers, in their name?
I hope I have clarified my doubt well, if not, I am available to provide further clarifications
Thanks in advance