Release: 14th January 2020


What's New

With the latest update, we have updated Broadcast settings to be more compliant with Facebook Messenger Policy.
Initially, they have planned to migrate to the new system since January 15th but postponed until March 4th, 2020.
However, you are not losing anything - we will be converting the tags that will not be supported after March (a good way to smoothly transition to a new way to engage with your customers). Read more here


  • Added language icons to My Bots section. Those of you who have multiple versions of the same bot localized for customers from different countries will no longer feel confused. The icons will be displayed in the corner of each bot card.
  • The Register (Sign up) page design was renewed, some amendments were introduced in the Private and Business account registration forms, and the field validation rules were renewed - now Country is required to sign up.


  • Global Connections: there was an incorrect connection switch in case two GCs with the same key words were created.
  • Fixed titles display for RSS 2.0 feeds in galleries.